Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tribute to Cow Lovers

Cows often go overlooked as an animal of feelings and thoughts of any kind. But cows are like any other animal - unique, beautiful, and we show that we need them, though there are definite alternatives to dairy and meat products. Either way, they are sweet, loveable animals and here is my tribute to their existence on Earth. Here are some vintage picks from various etsy shops, including my own.

Cow Love Knit Fabric
by: VintageAnthology

Adorable one-of-a-kind Vintage Wood Purse with Handpainted Farm scene of Horses, Cows by SelectVintage

Country Farm Fabric
by: VintageAnthology

Lovelly OTAGIRI Japan vintage dressed up Mr. COW teapot by yesstreen

Vintage white little ceramic milk bottle jar with black cow grapfic by yesstreen

Vintage 1940's Children's Illustrated COWS Book by sixpencebluemoon

See, what did I tell you? Cows are cute!

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  1. Really cute post!

    I love cows too! Thank you for featuring my book.